11 tips for a Healthy Easter

So Easter weekend is upon us, and a weekend of chocolate and alcohol probably awaits, and guest what? That’s totally fine! Go ahead. Enjoy the chocolate. Drink the wine. Have fun! BUT; follow these 11 tips to ensure your health doesn’t do totally out the window.

  1. Hydrate! Drink that H2O. (That’s water…) it will fill you up so you’re less likely to binge, it will also mean that any ‘bad’ foods you do eat will be flushed out quicker.
  2. Get outside! Go on a family walk, plan an Easter hunt, go egg rolling, take an evening stroll.
  3. Don’t over eat. You know that feeling when you know you’re stuffed but keep eating anyway? (don’t judge me, you’ve all done it!) Stop when you’re full.
  4. Squeeze in quick workouts where you can. Even 10-20 minutes in the mornings will make a huge difference. If time is tight stick compound movements such as Squats, Planks and Press-ups.
  5. Don’t neglect those veggies! Just because its Easter doesn’t mean you don’t need to eat real food! Green veg will help fill u up and prevent over eating.
  6. Get some sleep! Your body repairs, resets and digests at night. Sleep helps with; memory, attention spans, weight loss, depression. It’s pretty important stuff!
  7. Easter ends on Monday – don’t let it roll into next week too. Have shopping In or food prepped to make sure there’s no excuses come Tuesday morning.
  8. Play! Get involved in games, make an obstacle course ‘for the kids’, set up a tag rugby game with family. Do a penny hike! (remember those?) Be a goof, relax, LAUGH!
  9. Eat a high protein breakfast. Scrambled/pouched Eggs (not Cadburys) Salmon, Sausages. A way of getting some good stuff in before the onslaught. (see point 5)
  10. Switch off! Ditch phones, iPad and TV when you can. Be in the moment, spend time with family, really engage and interact with each other. My husband is self-employed and find it hard to switch off. But you’ve agreed a phone/email free zone from Saturday evening until Monday evening.
  11. Give yourself a break. It’s ok to have a ‘bad day’ diet wise, its ok to drink the full bottle of wine. Just know your limits and follow the above tips.

    Happy Easter to you and yours form me and mine! 🙂

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  1. Katrina

    April 16, 2017 at 1:11 pm

    I’ve just completed number 6 haha great blog post thank you I am now going to make a roast before devouring chocolate

  2. Hayley Raine-Diplock

    April 16, 2017 at 2:18 pm

    Great post – I’m promising myself that after Easter Monday I’m going to be good and not eat anymore chocolate

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