The body never lies!

So recently, my husband and I took a child free trip to Las Vegas, Our happy place 🙂 The place we got married back in 2011. Whilst there we visited the ‘BODIES’ exhibition at the Venetian Hotel. I really wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was absolutely amazing. And really got my thinking about what ‘healthy’ really means and how I treat my body.

There was real organs, muscles, bones etc from real humans. It made me think about the body as the mechanical machine that it is. We as service and fuel are cars appropriate to keep them running smoothly, but do we take the same car of our bodies? There were the obvious things that I had expected, for example the smokers lungs compared with the non-smokers lungs. If you still don’t believe all the anti smoking hype please google images of smokers lungs, they would make you sick!

But there were a few other things that have change the way I approach my body. The stomach! it is sooo sooo incredibly small! My husband and I are both fairly knowledgeable when it comes to anatomy but we were truly shocked by how small this thing is! smaller than your fist! How big was your plate last night? I know this mornings bowl of eggs alone was bigger than my fist!

There were also embryos’ in one section of the exhibition, although this was hard to see they were amazing and I’m glad I decided to go in. Off topic, but seeing these also confirmed my views on abortion.

As we walked around there was facts on the wall, just as we were leaving there was a quote saying ‘the body never lies’ and it has stuck with me ever since! Am I honest about my health? I exercise regularly and say I follow a healthy diet. But do I? I certainly drink more alcohol than is necessary, munch on popcorn on a Saturday, hop in the car when it isn’t probably compulsory. How honest are you about your health. what would your insides say about you?

We’ve all heard the saying take care of your body its the only place you have to live. But do we take that seriously. There are sooo many diseases and conditions that can be improved or prevented from a healthy diet and an active lifestyle.

The systems within our bodies are so complex and intricate, don’t make them work harder than necessary!

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