Would you let an unqualified gynaecologist near your Minnie? Why is your diet any different?

Would you let an unqualified gynaecologist near your Minnie? Would you let an unqualified mechanic tinker with your car? Would you let an unqualified dentist pull your children’s teeth?

No? Me either!

So why do thousands and thousands of woman in the UK take Diet advice from unqualified sources!?

Firstly, let’s talk sales reps… Not Wellness Coaches… Sales reps! Herbalife, Juice plus, Shakeology, whichever you choose. Anyone can sell them, ANYONE.. No scientific background needed, no nutrition, health or fitness knowledge necessary. And guess what?! They’re making money off everything they sell you, so they’re going to tell you it’s brilliant aren’t they! It isn’t! They aren’t! (do 20mins worth of your own, unbiased research and I guarantee you’ll agree with me – tree bark for dinner anyone).

Secondly, I would like to talk about Slimming World instructors (coaches/leaders – I’m not sure what they’re known as) or Weightwacthers, or Unislim or any of the similar groups. Again, anyone can take on these roles! Anyone! No scientific background needed, no nutrition, health or fitness knowledge necessary. There is a training course, usually run by the previous instructor, (unqualified person coaching unqualified person to teach vulnerable /desperate people) it is basic, it isn’t scientific and IT ISNT RIGHT! For example; Slimming World instructors are TAUGHT to advice member’s NOT TO EXERCISE! Because exercise makes you hold water which stops you losing weight. I mean… really?!

Anytime a car sales man starts talking about how fabulous a car is, or how I ‘won’t find a better deal’ it instantly triggers my BS radar, why? Because he has a vested interest! He benefits from me buying the car! We need to start having this same feeling about these reps!

And here’s the thing, we all know someone who lost 5 stone on slimming world, or loves the juice plus way of life. But it’s not healthy! They are not nutritious. the results will not last! You WILL sacrifice your health for the sake of a number on the scales. You WILL put the weight back on, (probably plus some). Your metabolism will be negatively affected for a long time. Diets do not work! Again, do 20mins of your own unbiased research and I guarantee you’ll agree with me.

Now please don’t get me wrong! I have NOTHING against people that follow slimming world (Some of my friends do!) I also don’t have a problem with Slimming World instructors, they after all are only doing what they have been told to do. And they DO help people lose weight (initially). I can even, if I try SUPER hard, understand why reps would be sucked in to selling herbashite etc “do you want to stay at home with your kids and earn money through posting on social media” well yes of course I do… but if people’s long term health is at risk…

My finally thought, in an attempt to keep some form of balance. I am not saying all Fitness instructors and personal trainers are Gods, I am fully aware there are a bunch of us talking absolute BS too (don’t get me started on the PT’s that ARE qualified and ARE knowledge but still choose to make money pedalling this stuff!) But at least we are held to a certain standard of knowledge, we must reach certain attributes to qualify. We DO have regulations in place and we do have a governing body over us. Why can’t this happened for Diet Groups?

I know this is bound to be an emotive subject so I’d LOVE to hear your views, comment below or email me at squatssassandsaggyskin@gmail.com or visit my social media sites HERE. Do you agree with me? Have you had a good/bad experience with one of these groups? Do you think I am Satan and have picked the wrong battle?

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